Pressure spring, 0.45 x 3,9 x 7

Fromm Ref. No. N2.5154
Item No.: 005370
Manufacturer-No.: N2.5154
GTIN / Warehouse Barcode: G00537001

Part of device:
Item No.: 004186
Manufacturer-No.: A332
on request
Fromm A333
Item No.: 004187
Manufacturer-No.: A333
on request
Item No.: 004188
Manufacturer-No.: A334
on request
Item No.: 004189
Manufacturer-No.: A335
on request
Fromm A337
Item No.: 004197
Manufacturer-No.: A337
on request
Fromm A338
Item No.: 004198
Manufacturer-No.: A338
on request
Fromm A431
Item No.: 004200
Manufacturer-No.: A431
on request
Fromm P403
Item No.: 004203
Manufacturer-No.: P403
on request
Fromm P404
Item No.: 004204
Manufacturer-No.: P404
on request
Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tool
9.5 – 13.0 x 0.38 – 0.50 mm
Item No.: 004254
Manufacturer-No.: A332 TW
on request
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Pressure spring, 0.45 x 3,9 x 7
Manufacturer-No.: N2.5154
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